Katie Klingsporn

of Mountainfilm

Katie Klingsporn grew up in Wyoming, where she learned to love empty spaces and the smell of sagebrush. After graduating from journalism school at the University of Montana, she worked for newspapers for a decade before nabbing a job as programming director at Telluride Mountainfilm. She is an avid mountain biker, snowboarder and music fan who geeks out when it’s time to go mushroom hunting in the San Juans.

Got a Day Job to Get Back To? Nature Doesn’t Care.

There is such thing as too much nature, and this is what it looks like. That thought flashes through my mind as I wallow like a mired hippo in the bottomless snow. After losing speed on my splitboard in a spot where the angle flattens under piles of unsettled powder, I’m now hopelessly stuck. I…

A Grand Canyon Adventure: Disaster at Hance

The moment I caught my first a glance of Hance, I regretted my decision to scout it. What I saw from that rocky promontory under the merciless June sun was less a rapid than a gnashing, boat-eating monster. Boulders lined the mouth of the rapid and littered its left side. Everywhere below was churning, chaotic…