James Joiner

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James Joiner is an award-winning writer and photographer. He is a senior correspondent for the Daily Beast and ambassador for conservation non-profit 1% for the Planet.

As Surfing Goes Mainstream, Old School and Newbie Surfers Clash

There’s a battle afoot in Southern California. It’s being fought with insults, vandalism, sexual harassment, and outright violence. And the winners get to surf near a posh Los Angeles suburb. A “gang” of local surfers, dubbed the Bay Boys, have been driving interlopers—fellow surfers, the general public, even the media—from their beach on Lunada Bay…

Beneath the Golden Gate, a Rare Break Draws (Experienced) Surfers

San Francisco may be a mecca for foodies, musicians, artists, techies, and skateboarders, but when it comes to surfing, the spots are, well, limited. And by “limited” I mean, “there’s really only consistently one that’s actually in the city, Ocean Beach.” Which is why, when the conditions are just right and the swell is hitting…