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Graeme MacPherson

Recently graduated from a short-lived career in the offshore oil industry in West Africa, Graeme MacPherson is now pursuing new ventures in the form of mechanical and computer engineering, photography, and operating heavy gasoline-powered equipment. Graeme finished a degree in mechanical engineering in 2013, but is currently embarking into a graduate program in robotics, or something. He currently prefers shooting film on a Pentax 67 and using a Canon 5diii when digital is required.

Montana by Dirt: Ten Tips for a Better Dirt-Road Road Trip

After countless thousands of miles, including multiple loops through the state of Montana driving both four- and two-wheeled vehicles, I have made a ton of mistakes and planning errors when it comes to dirt-road road trips. This list of ten tips is derived from that misery—and hopefully serves to increase your time spent having fun.…

Montana by Dirt: On Traveling by Dirt

A trip on a dirt road is typically the product of seeking adventure—getting to a trailhead to go mountain biking, finding a put-in for a favorite fishing spot, or heading to a cabin for vacation. But out of the four million miles of road in the U.S., more than a third are still unpaved gravel or…