Dakota Jones

of thatdakotajones.com

I’m really just a guy who runs in the mountains. That’s what has defined my life for over six years and what will continue to inform the choices I make for many more. I compete in long-distance mountain races the world over and have come to specialize in ultramarathon distances. However, since I’m labeling myself I may as well mention that in addition to being a runner I am also:

A climber
A reader
A writer
A cook
A former student
On the vanguard of style
Totally ignorant of current affairs
In love with a lot of things
In love with the ideas of lots more things
As vain as anyone else, but
Trying to be real, honest, authentic
Worried about my impact on the planet
Excited about the opportunity to create interesting, meaningful content on my new website
Pretty dismissive of the idea of “creating content” and would prefer to write shit that matters
In need of a haircut
Grateful to have had wonderful parents and an endlessly supportive network of friends my whole life
Way into Cormac McCarthy and David Foster Wallace right now
Occasionally out of control but mostly keeping it together.
Surely I am more than that too, as nobody’s character can be reduced to a few blurbs. But I’ll leave the rest up to you. You can read between the lines and diagnose my crippling insecurities in the comments section. The goal of this website is to build a platform to say what I believe in, and if you choose to come here then I will do my best to uphold my responsibility to make the content as worthwhile as possible. Ultimately this page will go beyond “Dakota Jones” and into a representation of something greater, although what that will look like remains to be seen. I’ll need your help. Thanks for coming.

First Women Complete Nolan’s 14, Colorado’s Most Demanding, Obscure Mountain Challenge

Update: We checked with Matt Mahoney, the Nolan’s 14 record keeper, on how the Nolan’s 14 finish is defined. He said: “Like any challenge, the participants make the rules. Traditionally, the clock stops on the last summit.” Yesterday, ultrarunners Missy Gosney and Anna Frost finished Nolan’s 14, meaning they climbed 14 14,000-foot peaks in succession over…