Age: 25
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Current Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Occupation: Journalist, photographer
Years at Camp Kooch: 15
Favorite Camp Kooch Trip: North Knife River

Favorite Wilderness Moment: Watching the morning sun hit the summit of Mt. Jomolhari in western Bhutan.

Importance of the Expedition: The expedition will be a rare opportunity to photograph and document the Canadian Arctic—and to show that genuine exploration isn't dead yet.

Hopeful Takeaways: I'm looking forward to leaving the human world behind for a while, and remembering the overwhelming sense of humility that comes with finding yourself alone in the wild.

Canoeing to the Arctic Ocean: Seek the Joy

I’m on a commercial flight out of Cambridge Bay, a dusty Inuit settlement on Nunavut’s Victoria Island. My five best friends and I just completed a 1,000-mile, 58-day canoe expedition to the Arctic Ocean, and I’m desperately trying to get a grip on my feelings. Since coming off the trip, I’ve found it nearly impossible…

Six Young Explorers Embark on 900-Mile Canoe Expedition to the Arctic – Gear Packing List

Ben Woods and five friends are embarking on a 70-day expedition to the Arctic Ocean through Canada’s Barren Lands. With the aim of connecting three rivers—the Dubawnt, the Morse and the Armark—via a never-before-attempted upstream haul into the Morse, the team will travel more than 900 miles from Black Lake, Saskatchewan, to the Queen Maude…