Austin Kino

of Hokule'a Voyage

Austin Kino, a native Hawaiian and waterman, is an apprentice navigator on the Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage, a 47,000-nautical-mile adventure to circumnavigate the Earth in two traditional Polynesian sailing canoes by 2017. Austin grew up in the Wailupe Valley on Oahu, where his family passed on their love for the ocean. He is also a konohiki, or caretaker, for OluKai.

Navigating Baja: A Lesson in Sailing by the Stars – Dispatch #4

As a child growing up in Hawaii, I was taught that my ancestors were navigators who voyaged great distances across the sea. A painting on my classroom wall depicted a large double-hulled sailing canoe surfing down an ocean swell toward a shoreline of lava. I remember looking at the faces of the people in the…

Navigating Baja: Bringing Hawaiian Sailing to Mexico – Dispatch #3

In the dry cactus filled landscape of northern Baja, the hum of a diesel truck echoes as it begins to tow a carefully packed load into the desert sun. This trailer in tow has made it here all the way from the Hawaiian island of Kauai via Santa Cruz, California. Just before we leave every…