Connecticut: Trout Unlimited

Fly fishing West Cornwall,  Connecticut; Photograph by Stan Tess, Alamy
Fly fishing West Cornwall, Connecticut; Photograph by Stan Tess, Alamy

Fish the Housatonic River, considered one of the best trout streams in the East.

What Is It? Test your fishing skills along northwest Connecticut’s beloved and beautifully forested Housatonic River. Because managers have created a 10.4-mile Trout Management Area that begins in West Cornwall and have designated another stretch as “fly-fishing only,” this spot provides some of the best fishing in the East.

Why Do It? This is an angler’s paradise. Flawless pockets, short riffles, and slow, deep pools harbor large rainbows and browns. Because a hefty number of these wily critters measure 14 to 18 inches (some even break the plus-18-inch barrier), the stories you end up telling after this trip may actually be true. And not only are they big, but they’re also plentiful—and they like to bite, so most anglers find success.

Make It Happen: Camp and fish under the tall pines lining a peaceful fishing spot in Housatonic Meadows State Park or go guided with the fly-fishing experts at Housatonic Anglers.

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