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The Latest #OnEverest

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Check back each week for a look at what’s been happening #OnEverest.

Two Routes to the Top: Our 2012 expedition to Everest seeks to repeat the historic climb of the 1963 National Geographic-sponsored American Mount Everest Expedition, almost 50 years after that first American ascent to the summit. Mountaineer Conrad Anker and photographer Cory Richards will attempt the West Ridge route in the alpine style. At the same time a second team, composed of climbers, scientists and researchers, will attempt to climb the mountain’s Southeastern Ridge in the expedition style. Learn more

#MayoClinic custom made, ultra sophisticated body monitoring devices worn 24/7 by Everest Education Expedition members @conradclimber, @bookofsamuel, @emilyaharrington, and @coryrichards. The devices are ultimately intended for patients with cardiovascular issues to help in early detection and treatment. It samples our heart rate and movement around 15,000 times a minute. #science #OnEverestNational Geographic
During the entire trek, the climbers’ vitals will be monitored by scientists from the Mayo Clinic. It turns out that altitude has a similar effect on the body as heart disease. Hopefully these super fit, super eager lab rats will yield important data and insights for heart disease treatments back home. Learn more
@conradclimber + team wearing monitoring devices. #mayoclinic researchers join them at basecamp #oneverest in 3 weeks!Mayo Clinic
National Geographic is currently climbing Mount Everest! They’re sharing images from Nepal as they trek to #basecamp, on the mountain, and if they are lucky, they might even share from the summit! Check out or blog ( for details on their climb so far and be sure to follow @natgeo and #oneverest right here on Instagram.Instagram
Our climbers love Instagram, and they are documenting their travels as they explore the Khumbu region in it. Instagram loves them, too, and made a collage of some of their images. You can follow the climb on Instagram via @NatGeo, @bookofsamuel, @emilyharrington, @coryrichards, @andy_bardon, @hilareeee.
The sacred Khumbila Peak and the village of Khumjung. The Hillary School, founded in 1961, by Sir Edmund teaches children through high school. #OnEverestNational Geographic
The scale is incredible. The Himalaya are the tallest mountains in the world.
RT @emilyaharringto: Reading with the kiddos at the Magic Yeti Library in Phortse. #OnEverest @th @ Phortse, Nepal Adventure
All who travel the Khumbu region are enchanted by the local culture.
RT @ngadventure: Climber Cory Richards on #climbing the West Ridge of #Everest #oneverest @thenorthfaceNatGeoMaps
Climber, photographer, and Adventurer of the Year Cory Richards fills us in on the West Ridge, a very dangerous route that has seen few summits and many deaths since the Americans claimed the first ascent in 1963. Read the Cory Richards interview
I spent the last 12 hours with a crippling stomach bug, violently ill. This environment is harsh for westerners, most of our group has gotten sick in some way, though nothing too serious. We’re not adapted to the lack of sanitation and different bacteria in the food and water, and the lack of oxygen at higher elevations makes it difficult to rest and recover. This is a traditional #Nepali meal from a few days ago of #momos, noodles, soup, and veggies that thankfully didn’t make anyone sick. @khumbuclimbingcenter, @natgeo, @thenorthface, #OnEverestSamuel Elias
Being in the mountains can make anyone feel a little out of sorts. Add the crazy altitude of the Himalaya and our climbers stomachs have not been happy. There are also unfamiliar bacteria that can cause a lot of trouble in the digestive track. Fortunately, this meal was both visually appealing and not a problem for them to devour.
@olicow practicing intently under the watch of Thamserku (6608 m) and Kangtega (6685 m). Photo by @andy_bardon near @khumbuclimbingcenter. #Himalaya #yoga #OnEverestNational Geographic
The lovely Olivia Hsu does some yoga with a priceless view. Olivia is married to climber Cory Richards, whose parents are also on the trek to Everest Base Camp. Many of the climbers have family members in attendance. Legendary alpinist Conrad Anker has his wife Jeni Lowe-Anker and son Max with him. Max will be writing about the trip—stay tuned for posts on our blog.
@kephoto spinning a massive prayer wheel for good blessings for our expedition. @bookofsamuel image. #OnEverest. @thenorthfaceNational Geographic
A team member spins a prayer wheel for good blessings. You might need a prayer to help you finish this prayer wheel jigsaw puzzle.
Nuptse, Everest, and Lhotse from the Lion’s Gate. Never did I think I would gaze upon this – view of my life. #thankful #OnEverestSamuel Elias
Climber Sam Elias took this shot at the beginning of their trip: Nuptse, Everest, and Lhotse seen from the Lion’s Gate. He called it the view of his life. There are bound to be plenty on this expedition.


  1. dayton schofield
    April 18, 2012, 9:13 pm

    WOW love following you guys…… excited about west ridge attempt. its awesome!!!!!!!!heading to rainier for 2nd time in August, planning a trek to Big E basecamp for my 50th. Please be safe, smart and have an awesome time.
    Semper fi