Skiing Video: Trust in the Guardian – Salomon Freeski TV – “Selkirks Touring”

By Kim Havell

When you are skiing powder in Canada’s Selkirk mountain range, Research and Development is a very good job. Companies often want to see how their prototype product works in the field, so somebody’s got to do it.

In the sports realm, team athletes are often called upon to use and critique their gear for feedback, improvement, and development. This was the case for skiers Chris Rubens, Elyse Saugstad and I in the Selkirks this past March 2011. Our mission was to put Salomon Freeski’s new ski binding with touring capability to the test. After two weeks of hammering it in the big mountains, we were thrilled with the performance of “the Guardian."

Ski bindings are not necessarily the most interesting topic for everyone. But, a few important details can help influence a purchase decision that will directly translate to the pleasure of your ski experience. For those who love gear specs, the Guardian proves to be the most powerful and versatile binding option available when venturing beyond the ski area for side country “backcountry” ski missions. In simple terms, it is lower, wider, and easier to use then its competitors.

The proof is in the numbers:

The Guardian has a lower height by 28 percent which allows for better terrain feedback and power transmission. It also features a wider platform by 21 percent that allows for better transmission edge to edge. And, it offers less lateral torsion/movement when hiking by 25 percent.

Check out the Guardian in action in the video below. The Guardian will be available in stores in September 2012.


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