Video: Kayak Over a Waterfall, Ulitmate Adventure Bucket List

Video by Aurora Photos

Attempting a new waterfall record in a kayak requires a lot of scouting, an acceptance that you’ll probably get at least a little hurt, and, perhaps most important, an unquestionable belief in one’s own immortality. And yet, in recent years, waterfalls have proven an irresistible, if dangerous, frontier for young-gun pro kayakers seeking eternal bragging rights. “The motivating factor for all of this was just that I thought it was possible,” says Tyler Bradt, who clinched the record in 2009 with a 3.7-second freefall over 186-foot (57-meter) Palouse Falls in eastern Washington. “I wanted to do it, I guess, because I can.”

So maybe you need something a little less insane? We agree! How about kayaking the roiling rapids of the Zambezi? Read about that trip and 19 other paired trips in our Ultimate Adventure Bucket List, which matches one of the world’s most extreme (read: craziest!) adventures with a great, doable alternative. See the trips >>


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