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Environment: How to Give Plastic Bags the Sack


Text and photos by West Coast Editor Steve Casimiro

You get it, right? Both plastic and paper shopping bags are bad.

Plastic is an easier villain. It lasts for centuries, kills hundreds of thousands of birds and water creatures a year, and is made from petroleum. Plus, only a small fraction of the 80 billion bags used annually are recycled. But paper has its own demerits. It’s bulky, expensive, requires more fuel to transport.

This is why Seattle’s proposed a 20-cent fee on every plastic or paper bag has more foresight than Whole Foods’ elimination of plastic bags, which takes effect today, Earth Day, April 22.

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    Being eco-friendly isn’t just for the modern day hippie anymore. There are many celebrities that have recognized the importance of being eco-friendly and are now spreading the word to the rest of the world.

  3. Helen
    December 22, 2011, 11:05 am

    I believe this should take effect not just in Seattle but for the rest of the world. Each and every government should make a move to ban bulk productions of plastic and paper bags now for our next generations. I heard International agencies and The United Nations are now doing their best to recycle and develop an eco-friendly alternatives to this eco-hazards.
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